Reference Manual on Air Transport Statistics - European Commission

11 Mar 2009 ... 40. Reference Manual on Air Transport Statistics. Bulgaria. 1.DG CAA provides the information to the. National. Statistical Institute. DG CAA is a.

Reference Manual on Air Transport Statistics - European Commission - Свързани документи

Reference Manual on Air Transport Statistics - European Commission

11 Mar 2009 ... 40. Reference Manual on Air Transport Statistics. Bulgaria. 1.DG CAA provides the information to the. National. Statistical Institute. DG CAA is a.

European Reference Networks (ERNs) - European Commission

ERN EURACAN is sharing best practice tools and establishing reference centres for rare cancers. It is also establishing regularly updated diag- nostic and ...

Methodology of short-term business statistics - European Commission

The present volume is the third edition of the Methodology of Short-term Statistics, Interpretation and Guidelines, updated to include these new variables.

European Green Capital - European Commission - European Union

An excerpt from the brochure 'Does city noise annoy you?' on environmental noise reduction. Environmental Good Practices > QUALITY Of THE ACOUSTIC ...

Methodological manual for statistics on the Information Society

Andreas Schiefer (Bundesanstalt Statistik Österreich, AT), Anders Hintze. (Statistiska centralbyrån, SE), Elaine Chamberlain (Office for National. Statistics, UK) ...

International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Compilers Manual ...

However, in the remaining countries, the official international merchandise ... MoT are provided to the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS).

Monetary financial institutions and markets statistics sector manual ...

Insurance, loans and securities brokers. Armed forces. Regional courts. Local courts ... Broker-dealers (Sociétés de bourse/ ... ЕАД (Karoll Capital Management).

European Economic Forecast Winter 2015 - European Commission

23 Jan 2015 ... European Economic Forecast, Winter 2015. 2. The recent steep fall in oil prices should provide a boost to EU GDP growth over the forecast ...

discussion paper series - European Commission - European Union

17 Aug 2015 ... as single units) is almost 15 times higher in the U.S. than in the EU. ... where Pi is the population of city i and Ri its rank in the urban hierarchy. ... 11 Using hedonic regression techniques, Diewert and Shimizu (2015) study housing prices in Tokyo ... Glaeser, E.L., J. Kolko and A. Saiz (2001) Consumer city.

Appendix J – Case studies - European Commission - European Union

26 Sep 2019 ... in condition of calm weather […] ... Dobrich, Gorna ... vailing weather patterns bring relatively clean Atlantic air from the south-west, which ...

national report – germany - European Commission - European Union

Germany is not a classic volunteering nation, such as the Netherlands, United ... Strengthening of Volunteering, bringing the total tax relief for volunteers and.

Caviar labelling leaflet - European Commission - European Union

STANDARD SPECIES CODES FOR STURGEON AND PADDLEFISH. Standard. Species. Scientific Name. Code. Acipenser baerii: Siberian Sturgeon. BAE.

Download native rendition - European Commission - European Union

16 Dec 2013 ... Emilio Mordini and Silvia Venier, Legal, Social, Economic and ... Radulova, Lillian, “Woman Athlete Suffers Head Injuries After ... as their primary goal, which represents a significant stumbling block for using the CAAs to.

Rapid Alert System - European Commission - European Union

209. 32. 179. 105. 85. 108. 56. 26. 106. 24. 15. 25. 11. 30. 203. 186. 3. 153. 10. 89. 132. 319. 181. 111. 56. 35. 68. 130. 12. 13. 223. 35. 152. 132. 94. 203. 122.

Rational Rhapsody API Reference Manual - IBM

those values is to travel backwards from A, looking for all the transitions going into it. If they are normal transitions, you can continue to their source. If they are ...

Sport 2016 - European Commission - European Union

DEPOT. Sport without borders - rediscover and develop your potential. 30 ... Rousse. Bulgaria. PAR. SDRUZHENIE SPORTEN KLUB PO TENIS NAMASA.

Technopolis Report - European Commission - European Union

A consortium led by Technopolis Group and including VVA, as well as the Manchester ... other Community policies in areas such as transport, civil protection, energy, ... security research is a clear national priority driven by the banking and ICT.

Table of contents - European Commission - European Union

E-mail: [email protected] Website: 2 Short description. The owner of the hotel “Gergana” is Albena AD. The hotel was built in 1974 and has ...

Zero-rating practices - European Commission - European Union

Two of the three major mobile operators – Mtel and Telenor have practiced zero-rating. There have been two types of zero-rating practices in Bulgaria:.

European Green Leaf 2017 - European Commission

30 May 2016 ... ... all copyright. European Green Leaf 2017 - Good Practice Report ... Ecocity Evaluator is mainly used in master planning phases. KEKO, the ...

Legal framework - European Commission - European Union

AT: Katrin Wladasch, BE: Hannah Vermaut and Louise Callier, BG: Daniela ... students in mainstream schools in the Krasna Polyana sub-district of Sofia. ... therefore no single targeted piece of legislation regulating the collection of equality data. Rather ... 791 Occasionally, public servants are responsible for racist incidents, ...

SWITCH Med Programme - European Commission - European Union

SWITCH Med will include (i) demonstration activities to scale up the MED TEST methodology, to promote green entrepreneurship, to empower civil society as ...

EIO report 2018 - European Commission - European Union

1 Jan 2019 ... Technopolis Group. Mary Ann Kong and ... Asel Doranova and Nathan Kably, Technopolis Group. Mary Ann Kong ... Laptop PCs. 4.3. 4.1. -5%.

European Construction Sector Observatory - European Commission

29 Jun 2018 ... Sofia Tech park is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and the largest in the ... multi-purpose buildings, villas, public service buildings and facilities, ...

New Narrative Europe - European Commission - European Union

The Mind and Body of Europe is our response to the call of the European ... and secular, have always provided light in the darkest hours of European history and have ... was born like a phoenix out of the ashes of World War I and World War II.

Directive 98/34 Brochure - European Commission - European Union

Its headquarters are in Sophia Antipolis (France). ETSI was formed after ... Mediakabel, Case C-89/04. Judgment of 8 september 2005, Lidl Italia, Case C-303/04 ...

List of participants - European Commission - European Union

28 May 2018 ... GENOVA Tanya. BULGARIA. SOT 161, Security Agency. Other. GEORGELIN Anne. FRANCE. French Renewable Energy. Association. Other.

impact assessment - European Commission - European Union

23 Nov 2011 ... {COM(2011) 785 final} ... The consultation illustrated the diversity of the cultural sub-sectors ... With regard to management of the programme one of the main issues ... In terms of target languages, three – Bulgarian, Hungarian and ... that the new guarantee facility would offer a first loss piece portfolio.

Residue Data - European Commission - European Union

agricultural commoditiy grape following applications of. SIP 40958. (cymoxanil. 2.85% fosetyl-Al 30%. copper from oxychloride. 16% WG) and. Vitene Triplo.

Garniture A_EN_cd.qxd - European Commission - European Union

Eurostat yearbook 2003 — The statistical guide to Europe — ... The printed press as well as radio and TV programmes use our data intensively. ... to the EPC.

интеграция в действие - European Commission - European Union

Разбиране на структурите на страната и на град София ........ 58. 1.6. ... постройка, наречена скене (която е служела и за съблекалня за актьорите). Античният ... Княгиня, и оръжието на Войводата са най-ценните реликви, пазени тук. ... вашните околности на София е изпълнена смъртната му присъда.

The World in 2025 - European Commission - European Union

THE WORLD IN 2025. Rising Asia and socio-ecological transition. Directorate-General for Research. 2009. Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities.

The future of air transport The Association of European Airlines (AEA)

24 Mar 2009 ... Capacity crunch. A demand for more efficiency. Demand for air transport will not subside, just the contrary, but its nature will progressively ...

To develop and validate a European passenger transport ...

12 Aug 2014 ... at the AMADEUS site in Sophia Antipolis, France, covering work packages 2 and 3. During ... shop concatenation of uni-modal products from different transport sectors. ... phone for faster and more convenient web check-in.

Digiplex EVO : Reference and Installation Manual - BK grupe

The control panel will report the alarm, but will not enable the bell/siren output. Enter any valid access code on the keypad to stop the buzzer. The keypads must be ...

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